Don't Serve Justice
After getting in trouble with the feds, Jesse must find a new way to bring Justice to the streets
A Willing Vessel
Octavio's dream of independence coincides with the arrival of a strange visitor
Jess the Two of Us
Jesse and Octavio get lost in the desert. Hijinks ensue.
Heart of Glass
Celia tries to re-enter the dating scene
Fraternizing with Crime
Jesse and Octavio try to solve a grizzly murder at the local university
From It to Us
Octavio's mother recounts the history of the Objects
Jesse infiltrates a mysterious gang of neo-Nazi bikers. Octavio gets a Neilsen box.
Jess, Please, Harder
Everyone has their kinks
Jess Across the Border
Jesse and Octavio cross the border and a familiar cartel
DeFerenz Stokes
Van runs for mayor in a not-so-PC manner
Celia struggles to cope with getting older
False Hood
A vigilante is roaming the streets of Del Norte, determined to take back his city
There's a strangler on the loose who may have more to them than they seem
Big Bloody Deal
Disappointments can have serious consequences
Due Projess
Jesse takes on a gig, and the team tries to navigate the unseen side of the law