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17th Dec 2020, 5:34 PM in False Hood
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DT_Colaptes edit delete
I believe there will eventually be a point in which all of human media just spends time referencing other media. We may already be there.
User comments:
Zero Hour edit delete reply
Zero Hour
the guy on the floor is really good, it really looks like he's beaten up, but I'm sure he's only pretending to be half dead
DT_Colaptes edit delete reply
He must be with the S.A.G
lirvilas edit delete reply
panels 5 & 6 are priceless

ASM129 is also priceless

I think referencing stuff is both easier and less impressive in this era of Google. However, I think referencing stuff from "outside" still retains cachet, i.e. deep biblical cuts with a secular audience.
DT_Colaptes edit delete reply
That analogy is on-point. I try to stay away from the #FellowKids type softballs as much as I can.

Glad to know you're in the know lol