Comic 221 - 10.4(3)
24th Aug 2020, 4:08 PM in DeFerenz Stokes
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Author Notes:
DT_Colaptes edit delete
Another soon to be stolen campaign platform...
User comments:
lirvilas edit delete reply
I think the more someone talks about the importance of "bible verses" the more they're inclined to live in utter contradiction of them.

Can I get an amen to that, Brother Falwell?
DT_Colaptes edit delete reply
I was going to say "amen" but don't want the association.

I agree, it always strikes me as a disingenuous way to claim superiority in an argument. Just like anyone the media tries to get you to like is a "person of faith".
jmluvsbob edit delete reply
They want bible versus everywhere in this town, don’t they? First the planes, then the pipes. What’s next?
DT_Colaptes edit delete reply
Let's not brainstorm and give them ideas